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A Beginner’s Guide to Exercise Volume 1

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Entering the health and fitness world can be an overwhelming process because of the incredible amounts of information that is presented to beginners. All this information makes it difficult to get a basic grasp of the essential information that is necessary to creating your own sustainable, healthy lifestyle. It is my goal as a personal trainer to change this trend, and empower and educate normal, everyday people to have the knowledge necessary to revolutionize their own lives.



10 Ways to Ensure Your Workouts will get Results

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In order to live a healthy lifestyle you don’t need fancy gyms or the newest gadgets. All you need is the knowledge to create your own workout, and the persistence to stick with your own workouts consistently.Using these ten workout designs will ensure that you can create hundreds of your own workouts, all while being able to ensure the proper intensity so that you can see the results I know you want. These are the same designs I use personally and for my clients in order to ensure body changing results. 


Running: A Little Goes a Long Way

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Even if you’re not a runner, there are great benefits to adding a few runs per week into your workout plan. In this guest post by Zackary Landers, an ultramarathoner, you will learn why running is so good for you, and how to incorporate cardio into your training routine.

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With over 2,000,000 books on health and fitness available to purchase on Amazon alone, it’s impossible to choose which ones to read. Even then, it can take hours of reading just to learn a single key point. 2 Weeks to Health reads some of the top health and fitness books and summarizes them so you can learn the main points without the hours of reading.

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The Movement

The 2 Weeks to Health Movement is centered around stopping obesity starting with you and me. Since this movement starts at such a low level, it has been nicknamed the Grassroots Health Movement. The movement is made up of three easy segments: Education, Encouragement, and Exercise.

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In order to attempt to get ourselves, our friends, and our families to live healthier lives, first we must learn how. Then once we know how, we should spread our wealth of knowledge when others are struggling.


Always encourage each other to live healthy lives. This can come in many forms, but some ways we can do this is to reinforce healthy behaviors, encourage through example (show progress in ourselves), and of course, motivational sayings and videos.


When it comes down to it, healthier living comes down to 2 things, exercising and eating healthy. This segment is all about action. We need to go out there and show ourselves that this 2 action items will truly make us feel and look better. So get out and exercise!