What Santa Really Does During the Off Season

Every Christmas Santa visits about a billion homes around the world to bring gifts to all the good girls and boys. During each visit, Santa accepts a bite of a cookie and a sip of milk to show he was there. This means each house Santa consumes about 75 Calories per household or 75 billion calories in one night!

The average person will consume about 750,000 calories in a single year. This means Santa is really packing them in on Christmas! After Christmas ends, the elves will begin building toys for next year, but obviously Santa has some calories to burn off! What exactly does Santa have to do to burn off the 74.999 billion calories? Let’s do the math in terms of exercises!

In the off season, Santa needs to run 225 million miles, conduct 26.6 million hours of burpees, swim for 13.7 million hours, AND conduct mountain climbers for 13.3 million hours to burn off his Christmas shenanigans. Considering there are only 8760 hours in a year, Santa has his work cut out for him to get back in shape for the next holiday season! Next time you feel too sore or tired to workout, just remember somewhere at the North Pole Santa is getting his exercise on.

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