Quote of the Week – 26 Dec

“If you work half as hard as Rudolph does, you will find success in everything you do” – Scott Van Hoy

Since Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer made the first public appearance in 1939, it has been a story of heroism and overcoming challenge. Never giving up, Rudolph overcame all odds and achieved the dream of leading Santa’s sleigh. Ever since 1939, Rudolph has been the lead reindeer, pulling it safely across the world year after year. Although what Rudolph does during the off season is debatable, I would assume the training schedule is out of this world. If only we all had just half the work ethic of Rudolph, then we would all reach our health goals no problem!

Do you have a favorite quote? Send it to 2weekstohealth@gmail.com and we will feature you in one of the upcoming weeks!


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