The Top 5 TED Talks on Health and Fitness

For those who are unfamiliar with TED Talks, TED is an organization that hosts conferences around the world so people can share their ideas that are worth sharing. Usually these ideas worth sharing tackle some kind of societal issue. There are hundreds of talks about health and fitness on TED, but here are 5 of my favorites!

Can you be so healthy it kills you? AJ Jacobs took every little piece of health advice he received and followed it, leading in this talk titled How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me. This talk is filled with humor and great facts about living a healthy and balanced life.

“We are literally going to sleep our ways to the top!” Sleep is incredibly important for our health, and this talk by Arianna Huffington talks about how if we want to succeed, we need to get more sleep.

In Emily Balcetis’ talk titled Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others, we dig deep into the perception of exercise. Mentality is often more important than physical ability when it comes to living a healthier life, and this talk discusses how our perceptions can change our mentality.

Mick Cornett, the Mayor of Oklahoma City, talks about his own problems with obesity, and then how he analyzed his town to help make other healthier too in this talk titled How an Obese Town Lost a Million Pounds. What I like about this talk is it shows that once we learn how to live healthier, we should spread our wealth of knowledge and start a local movement starting from the grassroots level.

“This could be the first generation in which our kids have a shorter lifespan than we do.” Dean Ornish gives his talk The Killer American Diet That’s Sweeping the Planet, and it’s definitely one to watch. It gives a good world perspective on how obesity affects us as a whole and how we can work to combat it.


Author: Scott Van Hoy – Click Here to view the author’s profile



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