Month: February 2017

Quote of the Week – 27 Feb

“Don’t complain, 80% of people don’t care and 20% of people are happy you have them” – Lou Holtz When you complain, the brutal chances are the person you’re talking to doesn’t care. This doesn’t […]

The SAD Diet

The SAD diet is exactly how it sounds, sad. This diet has been proven to directly increase your chances of coronary heart disease, risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and has an overwhelmingly negative […]

What’s the Healthiest Diet? – Things Worth Sharing

This video is a debate between some very well known doctors about what the best diet actually is. This goes to show that sometimes not even the ‘experts’ can agree.  

Quote of the Week – 20 Feb

“If Not You, Then Who” – Unknown Nobody is going to step into your life and give you the keys to success if you are unwilling to explore and learn. Nobody is going to be […]

Quote of the Week – 13 Feb

“Expectations Determine Whether or Not You are a Success of a Failure” – Unknown First off, if you fail to set high expectations for yourself in the first place, then you have failed before you […]

The Impacts of Running

A few years ago I was training for a marathon, and I was feeling great throughout my training. I had just run my best half marathon time while training a couple weeks prior, and I […]

Obesity is Not Just a Health Issue – Things Worth Sharing

2 Weeks to Health predominately focuses on trying to get our readers on the path to a healthier life, but we have an underlying movement to try to reduce obesity one person at a time. […]

Quote of the Week – 6 Feb

“If you want to succeed, you have to commit to it wholeheartedly” – Unknown Many of us are afraid of commitment. Whether it’s commitment to a new significant other, a new pet, your work, or your […]

How To Stay Motivated

Create a vision board: Dedicate a bulletin board or part of your refrigerator to posting your goals and progress. By seeing your goals and progress physically posted on the wall, you will never have an excuse […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Exercise Volume 2: Weight Loss Basics

As important physical fitness can be in establishing overall health, I personally view it as a mere supplemental piece to the absolute essential concepts of nutrition. Understanding what role caloric intake plays in the overall […]