Quote of the Week – 6 Feb

“If you want to succeed, you have to commit to it wholeheartedly” – Unknown

Many of us are afraid of commitment. Whether it’s commitment to a new significant other, a new pet, your work, or your health, commitment can leave us feeling vulnerable, like we’re going to miss out elsewhere, or even make us feel trapped. Commitment is also scary because we are required to take away time from one area of our lives, and transfer it to a new commitment. But commitment is necessary for something as fragile as the human body. Our bodies, unless tended to continuously, will not stay healthy unless we fuel it with good foods and exercise. That is why we must wholeheartedly commit to living a healthy life. Because without complete commitment, any health gains will be swiftly lost when our fear triumphs over previous efforts.

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3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week – 6 Feb

  1. To be honest, I hate exercising. What I love are the results: greater strength, better balance, no joint issues (yet!), a better-functioning metabolism, and best of all, more energy. If I can keep those results in mind, getting started each morning is a bit easier. That’s the hardest part–just getting started. But once I’m “in,” there’s no stopping until I’m finished. Commitment is necessary, but also well rewarded. P.S. Thank you, Scott, for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts there meaningful!

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