“Age is no barrier, it’s a limitation you put on your mind” – Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Telling yourself you are too old to do something is a lie. You’re never too old to make a life change. If you have a health goal, go for it and don’t use your age as an excuse. I’ve seen people over 100 years old run marathons and both power-lifters and triathletes in their 90s, yet sadly it’s usually people in their mid-lives that I see using their age as an excuse to change their eating habits or to lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog a new trick, so don’t mentally limit yourself because you believe you’re too old to do something.


Posted by Scott Edward

Scott is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and a member of the International Sports Science Association.


  1. Welcome to that little voice and thank you for following my blog.



  2. I had to go back and hunt for this. I have gotten very good at procrastinating. I am an older d.. I mean old hen that needs to get off sugar and reach the goal I put before me ages ago. For now I will read your 14 day challenge.



    1. Hi Mother Hen, send me an email at 2weekstohealth.com or from our ‘contact us’ page and I’ll send you something that can hopefully help you achieve any health goals you may have.

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