How E-Mailing Yourself Can Keep You Motivated

Staying motivated is often the hardest part of a fitness routine. After about 3 months, most people will abandon their goals and call it quits. To help yourself stay motivated, try emailing the future you with motivation, goal milestones, or your daily goals. To do this you can use The form you can fill out looks like the one below. You can choose to send your message to your email on any future date, whether it’s later today or in a few years.


Try making a workout plan on the weekend when you have more time and email yourself every morning with the daily plan. Also, whenever you have a milestone such as lose 10 pounds, email yourself on the day you wanted to reach your milestone to force yourself to pause and reflect on your goals. Also, add motivational videos or quotes to these emails. Nothing is better than getting done with a long day of work and then all of a sudden your daily workout, a motivational quote, and your overarching goals pop into your inbox, giving you the motivation and resources you need to get to the gym.

Author: Scott Van Hoy, click here to view his profile


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