The 6 by 6 Workout: A Full Body Workout for when the Weather’s Keeping You in

Sometimes it is nearly impossible to get outside for a run or to drive to the gym. With the recent Hurricanes pushing through the lower and eastern states, hurricane parties are all the rage. But for my fitness enthusiasts out there, here is a simple and easy workout you can do anywhere you have an open space that is 6 feet by 6 feet.

The 6 by 6 workouts is a series of 6 exercises that you do 6 times each in an area that takes only 6 feet by 6 feet. No equipment is required so you can complete this workout almost anywhere! Here is the workout:

Complete 1 minute of bicycle kicks.

After completing bicycle kicks, immediately begin alternating lunges and time for 1 minute.

Complete 1 minute of traveling push-ups.

1 minute of body-weight squats.

1 minute of mountain climbers.

Then conclude the circuit with 1 minute of side kicks.

After completing 1 minute’s worth of all three exercises, rest for 1 minute and then repeat this circuit 5 more times. This workout is designed to activate your full body with an emphasis on your hips and core.


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