The 3 ‘Rules of 3’ for Exercise

There are three rules of 3 that you should follow when it comes to exercise. They sound very similar, but there are differences between them. They are:

1) Never go three days without exercising

Your body will begin to lose muscular and cardiovascular endurance faster than you may think. To keep up a healthy life make sure you aren’t skipping too many days in between workouts. If you notice the last time you exercised was three days ago, then try to ensure you do not take another day off.

2) Workout at least three days per week

If rule number one is followed, then most likely you will follow number two. However, if you spread out your exercises too much you may realize you are only exercising 2 days per week. To avoid this, always strive for three workouts per week. Don’t jam them all into a three day weekend. Spread them out in order to accomplish both the first and the second rule.

3) Exercise for at least 30 minutes

The last of the three rules is to ensure you are exercising for at least 30 minutes at a time. While it may be enticing to go for a 10-minute jog to fulfill your daily workout, this only hurts your long-term health. The ideal length of a workout is about an hour, but do not let your workouts last less than 30 minutes.

If you currently have a sedentary life and you begin to follow these three rules, you will discover that just a few workouts per week will make you feel significantly stronger and mentally more aware.


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