2 Weeks to Health 1st Ed – Day 1: Mental Preparation

This is day 1 of the first edition of the book 2 Weeks to Health, a 2-week course designed to kick start a healthier life. The expanded and reworked second edition is set to be released in the summer of 2018.

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” -Art Williams

Life is hard to balance, I understand that. Between juggling family, work, hobbies, and other interests it can be difficult to find time to exercise and eat healthy. With it being so hard, why try to be healthy? The benefits of being healthy are vast: you feel better, live longer, spend less money on healthcare, gain better mental clarity, and are often happier. What you should do first is determine why you want to become a healthier individual, because it’s not what you do, it’s why you do it. The ‘why’ is the core of intrinsic motivation. Regardless of your reason for wanting to live a healthier life, hold onto it. The people who never lose sight of why they are exercising and eating healthy will ultimately be the ones to reach their goals.

Becoming healthier starts with your mentality and your motivation to succeed. Something or someone motivated you to read 2 Weeks to Health. Whatever it may be, harness that motivation and don’t let it go. Motivation is what will get you on the path to physical health. However, there are no short term solutions. It is not as simple as a month of dieting, going for a couple walks, or going to the gym to read your favorite book while riding a stationary bike (you know who you are). You need to be mentally prepared for the challenge, or you will never push yourself to achieve the results you want.

Do not let this scare you away, you’ve had this drive before. Think about what your passions are, or what you have thrown yourself into, giving everything to succeed. Maybe it’s your work, your family, or even back in the day when you were a high school athlete. That same drive and passion you had needs to be the drive and passion you have for your health. I am not doubting you will make some positive difference by giving minimal effort. Nonetheless, you will not see the results you are capable of if you don’t put your heart into it.

You should train your mental toughness by always maintaining a positive attitude, clarity of your goals, commitment to yourself, passion for your health, simplicity in your scope, and maintain a firm hold on reality. Your ambition to succeed, knowledge, self-belief, persistence, and adaptability are what will allow you to reach your goals. When things get hard, turn toward your motivation which we will talk more about on day 11.

You should also practice self-discipline when trying to reach your health goals. To do this, prioritize your health, do something every day to maintain your momentum, set small incremental goals, never procrastinate, record your progress, and ultimately, have fun while doing it!

There is nothing more important than mental preparation before starting a path to a healthier life. While this can be a very fun and fulfilling process, for a variety of reasons many people fail to achieve their goals. You shouldn’t be afraid of failure, what you should be afraid of is never starting. There will be days where you will not meet a goal but you will learn from every failure, and that is what will make you succeed.

The two weeks of tools I am going to give you will change your life only if you read them knowing you can achieve your goals. You owe it to yourself not to stop when it becomes difficult or when it hurts, but to stop only when you’re done. This two weeks will assume that you are a mentally strong person and that you want to make a change to improve your health. This starts here on day 1 with nothing but mental conditioning. So get ready for the most rewarding change of your life. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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