About 2 Weeks to Health

BC in Fruit2 Weeks to Health was started in 2016 as a small blog to post articles to help friends and family lose weight and live a healthier life. Since then it has gained over 1700 followers and is a place for personal trainers and athletes to share their knowledge about health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss.

What makes us different than the normal health and fitness blog is we aren’t going to give you any false information to try to make a sale. Everything we write about is scientifically proven to work so you won’t see any “lose 10 pounds in 10 days” articles here.

As of now, we have 100+ original articles including book summaries, shared videos and stories, and a couple E-books to check out. You can also visit the 2 Weeks to Health store which is fulfilled by Amazon to purchase exercise equipment and to check out our reading list. We will continue to learn and grow as time moves forward. We are excited about everything that the future holds for 2 Weeks to Health.