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Don’t let the shorts and short sleeves fool you, this was a cold and soaking wet race! I’m bib #8531, the runner in the green shirt.

My name is Scott Van Hoy, the founder of 2 Weeks to Health. I started 2 Weeks to Health in 2016 as a small blog to post articles to help a couple family members lose weight. Since then I started ‘the movement’ which seeks to encourage and educate our readers on how to live a healthier life. With over 1800 followers so far and a few guest writers, 2 Weeks to Health is slowly growing and helping people around the globe.

What makes us different than the normal health and fitness blog is we aren’t going to give you any false information to try to make a sale. Everything we write about is scientifically proven to work so you won’t see any “lose 10 pounds in 10 days” articles here. Any time I bring on a new guest writer I tell them “you can write about anything you want that you believe can help someone live a healthier life, however, no click bait and everything will be fact checked.” Because of this, our writers maintain their passion for health and fitness and we get great articles from all types of fitness enthusiasts, from personal trainers to ultramarathoners.

As of right now we have book summaries, great original articles, shared videos and stories, and a couple original E-books to read. We will continue to learn and grow as time moves forward. I am excited for everything that the future holds for 2 Weeks to Health.

Stay Motivated!

Scott Van Hoy

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