2 Weeks to Health Chapters Explained in 1 Sentence or less

2 Weeks to Health: A 14 Day Weight Loss and Healthy Living Course is a short, useful, and to the point health and weight loss course that teaches you the essential but often overlooked realities of living a healthy life. Here are the key takeaways from every chapter explained in just one sentence or less:

Chapter 1: Wanting to make a difference in yourself is the first step.

Chapter 2: Don’t procrastinate.

Chapter 3: Make sure you are doing the right things.

Chapter 4: Start exercising every day, even if you’re not quite sure how to yet.

Chapter 5: Information is understanding.

Chapter 6: Wellness starts with solid goals.

Chapter 7: We all needs days off.

Chapter 8: A good understanding of nutrition is essential.

Chapter 9: Knowing how to implement those nutrition facts is easy with a few tips.

Chapter 10: You probably don’t need to take supplements.

Chapter 11: Workout planning can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be.

Chapter 12: Fitness doesn’t just take place in the gym.

Chapter 13: Is this working for me?

Chapter 14: Keep it going.

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