2 Weeks to Health: Kick Start Weight Loss and Live a Healthier Life!

The first edition of this book is no longer available for purchase. Click Here to view 2 Weeks to Health first edition for free!


If you’re struggling to lose weight or you don’t know where to start, you’re not the only one. I’m surprised by the amount of health and fitness information that is out there that makes us believe what we are eating and doing will help us lose weight and be healthy when in reality it is doing more harm than good. You will be amazed at how easy it can be to live a healthier life, lose weight, and prevent disease, but there are a few basics that we all need to learn. 2 Weeks to Health’s premise is that it only takes 2 weeks to learn these basics with just a few minutes of reading and some interactivity each day. If you have been struggling to reach your health goals, this is a good challenge that will change the way you think about health.

2 Weeks to Health is a 14-day crash course in how to change your life by giving you the information you need to lose weight, get fit, and feel better about yourself. But I warn you, this is not a way to “lose weight quick”. It is a tool to use if you are serious about living a healthier life, and it will likely be one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences you have ever completed. Are you ready for a challenge?

Topics you will learn about include: Mental toughness, building habits, types of exercises, workout planning, meal planning, nutrition, dieting, supplements, motivation, and lifestyle fitness.

In addition to the 2 week challenge, included for free in 2 Weeks to Health is the e-book “25 Quotes to Motivate and Inspire You to Lose Weight, get Fit, and be Healthy”, and 2 weeks worth of workout and nutrition logs so you can keep track of your workouts and meals during the 2 weeks of reading.

I recommend this book for anyone who has a health related goal and who are unsure of where to start, or if you had difficulty in the past reaching your health, fitness, or weight loss goals.There are thousands of resources on the web telling you how to improve your health. With all that information it is often difficult to know where to start, and what really works. With a perfect mix of healthy tips, tricks, motivation, and science, 2 Weeks to Health is a great way to kick start a healthier you.


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