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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Men and Women

Originally posted on Health Book Summaries:
 Click Here to Purchase How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Men and Women on Amazon How to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Men and Women by Jenny Allan…

The Best Motivational Videos on YouTube

I often recommend that you watch a motivational video on YouTube to get pumped up for working out. Here are a few of my favorite motivational videos that can apply to anything in life, not just exercise!

The 3 Rules of Health, Fitness, and Happiness

This presentation by Tony Horton was given to a youth group. However, the lessons he teaches are beneficial for all of us to hear.

Mental Toughness for Peak Performance, Leadership Development, and Success

Originally posted on Health Book Summaries:
Click Here to Purchase Mental Toughness for Peak Performance, Leadership Development, and Success on Amazon Without mental toughness, regardless of how talented you are, peak performance will not be…

How E-Mailing Yourself Can Keep You Motivated

Staying motivated is often the hardest part of a fitness routine. After about 3 months, most people will abandon their goals and call it quits. To help yourself stay motivated, try emailing the future you […]

How Knowledge is Power in Nutrition – Things Worth Sharing

In this diabetes centered TED talk by Dr. Wendy Pogozelski you will learn how even the experts in the medical field sometimes disagree. When it comes to nutrition, knowledge is power and it’s important to […]

What’s the Healthiest Diet? – Things Worth Sharing

This video is a debate between some very well known doctors about what the best diet actually is. This goes to show that sometimes not even the ‘experts’ can agree.  

Obesity is Not Just a Health Issue – Things Worth Sharing

2 Weeks to Health predominately focuses on trying to get our readers on the path to a healthier life, but we have an underlying movement to try to reduce obesity one person at a time. […]

Coffee Naps are Better than Coffee or Naps Alone – Things Worth Sharing

Are you a coffee drinker, napper, or both? It appears that the best way to wake yourself up is to drink coffee, and immediately follow it with a 20 minute nap. Don’t believe me? Check […]

What’s the Single Best Thing We Can Do for Our Health? – Things Worth Sharing

In this video posted by DocMikeEvans, we learn that perhaps the best thing we can do for our health is to walk for 30 minutes per day. Watch to learn why! ‘Things Worth Sharing’ is […]