Learn How to Lose Weight, It Only Takes 2 Weeks

2 Weeks to Health: A 14 Day Weight Loss and Healthy Living Course is a short, useful, and to the point health and weight loss course that teaches you the essential but often overlooked realities of living a healthy life.

Topics you will learn about include: Mental toughness, building healthy habits, types of exercises, workout planning, meal planning, nutrition, dieting, supplements, motivation, and lifestyle fitness. Includes a workout log, nutrition log, and note-taking sections to easily stay organized on your journey.

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In addition, for every book sold at normal price, 2 Weeks to Health will donate 40% of our earnings to the Obesity Action Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals along their journey to better health.




My ‘too lazy didn’t read’ summary of this book is “I can teach you everything you need to know to change your life for the better, to create better habits, and to be reasonably healthy in the span of two…


The book continues with the basic premise in mind of “Act Now, Learn as You Go, See Results.” I like the actionable tone. The book is set up to make you do, and learn as you go. The education structure…