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  1.  Welcome to the 2 Weeks to Health book notes. Here you will find any additional references or articles as they pertain to the book 2 Weeks to Health.
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  3. Here you can read more about building healthy habits. The comparison between habit building and computer science was first written about here on 2 Weeks to Health.
  4. Click here to learn more about the 7 laws of training as described by Dr. Fred Hatfield.
  5. A little running goes a long way. Click here to read more about its benefits.
  6. There are some surprising reasons that may prevent you from losing weight. Read about all of them here.
  7. The MyPlate model is the government’s guidelines on what you should be eating as part of a well-balanced diet. However, everyone is genetically and physiologically different. What you need to eat to maintain weight may be slightly different than other people. If you are trying to lose weight, a lot of people find that eating a higher proportion of protein and a lower proportion of grains will help them lose weight quicker. Other people such as vegetarians and vegans cut out meat altogether and will say a diet low in protein and high in starches will help with weight loss. Also, dairy is often not considered to be essential for one’s diet. This is why it may be beneficial to meet with a dietician to discover what works best for you.
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  18. Who needs to supplement? View the original article here.
  19. Check out 2 Weeks to Health’s article on the 6 by 6 workout.