Scott Van Hoy


Scott is the runner in the green shirt, bib #8531.

Scott Van Hoy is the Founder and Editor of 2 Weeks to Health. After being a physical trainer for his Navy officer training unit at the University of Illinois, he began writing about health and fitness in December 2015 when some of his family members wanted weight loss tips, and he figured he would write them a guide for kickstarting a healthier life. He fell in love with learning about nutrition, health, and fitness and continued writing, eventually publishing his healthy living challenge as an E-book. This E-book was temporarily taken off of Amazon so he can perfect the second edition and re-release it later on. Since then he continues to write and is the editor for all of the guest writers that publish on 2 Weeks to Health. Scott is an avid reader and is always reading new information on health and fitness through peer-reviewed articles, books, and other blogs and websites. He won’t quit his day job as a Naval Officer any time soon.