Using 2 Weeks to Health to Motivate Your Clients

2 Weeks to Health: A 14 Day Weight Loss and Healthy Living Course is a tool for personal trainers to motivate and inspire their clients while providing essential health and fitness knowledge.

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As a fitness trainer, one of the most difficult parts of our job is motivating our clients and getting them to come back for consistent training sessions. Part of what 2 Weeks to Health: A 14 Day Weight Loss and Healthy Living Course does is motivates clients and gives them a base of information that sparks questions for the trainer. The course can be conducted in concurrence or separate from personal training sessions. Concurrent participation allows the client to learn the basics of exercise while learning the fundamentals of healthy living from the course. Meanwhile, if the client elects to do the course before hiring a trainer, the course will emphasize the importance of exercise and help justify the cost of a trainer.

The topics covered in the course are mental toughness, building healthy habits, types of exercises, workout planning, meal planning, nutrition, dieting, supplements, motivation, and lifestyle fitness. It also includes a workout log, nutrition log, and note-taking sections to easily stay organized.

If you don’t already have good introductory information for your clients or prospective clients, 2 Weeks to Health is a great short course to get them excited about hiring you.